Message WhatsApp Without Saving Number

How does WA work?

  • Copy and paste any WhatsApp Number.

  • Do include the international country code, starting with "+"

  • After clicking "Send Message", you will be redirected to the official WhatsApp website.

  • At last, click "Open WhatsApp". Please note that you must have the WhatsApp application installed on your mobile phone or computer if you want WA to work.

Send Messages to WhatsApp Without Saving Numbers

Nowadays, it is common for most businesses to allow customers to chat with them through WhatsApp. It is fast, secure, and convenient. Compared to emailing, it is less formal so you don't have to waste time writing overly polite sentences and you can skip the subject line. I also prefer it to a phone call which is often a waste of time unless a detailed explanation is required.

WhatsApp is the perfect tool to communicate effectively, in short sentences, especially when you need some basic information about a shop and its services.

Another feature I like is that you can see at the bottom of your message if your message was sent (1 grey tick), delivered (2 grey ticks) and read (2 blue ticks).

Saving a phone number is not always necessary

One problem you will face when messaging a business on WhatsApp is that you will be asked to save its phone number.

If you don't add it to your contact list, there is just no way to send a text, even if you just want to ask a basic, one-off question such as "Is your shop open this afternoon?". Once you know if it is open or not, you can go or not to the shop and you may never need the contact ever again.

In some other situations, you may want to ask a question to several businesses and you want to save their number only if they can provide you with the service you are looking for. For instance, I recently wanted to change the screen of my iPhone and I contacted several shops with the same question: "Hi, may I know how much do you charge to replace an iPhone 11 screen?". Depending on the answers, I saved the number or not.

Having too many contacts on your phone can actually slow it down. If you like things to be well-organized, you also certainly don't want your contact list to be messy and bloated with useless numbers.

How to contact anyone on WA without saving their number

EazyWA is the easiest solution to solve this problem. With its straight-forward, user-friendly interface with no ads, you can send a message to any WhatsApp number without adding it to your contact list.

All you need to do is to enter the number with the country code (easy to select from the dropdown menu), then type the message you want to send (optional), and finally hit the button "Send Message".

Any issues?

If EazyWA is not working for you, please make sure that the number you want to reach is indeed a registered WhatsApp number and that you added the right international country code

Another possibility is that you've sent too many messages in a day and WhatsApp is restricting your account.

Why should you use WA

Easiest way to send a message to WA contact without saving any number

WA is the easiest way to message someone on WhatsApp without saving their number or adding a new contact.

Imagine, for instance, that you want to buy a MacBook Pro. You start searching online, on Google or some marketplace and you end up with a list of vendors. To make sure their product is still available, all you need to do is enter their phone number on WA, write a template message, then send.

This is how your search will look like:

whatsapp screen without saving contact

Note that it works either from a laptop (Mac or PC) or from a phone (iPhone or Android).

Simple, straight-forward and fast-loading interface without any advertising

We've built WA to make you save time. Therefore, it would not make sense to slow it down with advertising or any useless script.

Also featuring a WhatsApp Link Generator

If you are a business owner, you may want to allow potential customers to reach you directly on your WhatsApp through a link. With our WhatsApp Link Generator, it is now easier than ever to implement this feature.

Even better, you can also add a pre-filled message to guide your customer's enquiries.

Once you create your unique link, you can post either on your website or on your social media pages such as LinkedIn or Instagram.